St. Xavier's College, Kolkata BNCCI

International Conference on Emerging Perspectives in Commerce, Economics, Environment and Management - Transformation of the Global Economy.

13-14 September 2019

In collaboration with

Bengal National Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Organized by Department of Commerce and Management Studies,
St. Xavier’s College


Bengal National Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the oldest indigenous Chamber in India was established on 2nd February, 1887. Its history is closely interwoven with India's struggle for independence. It is pioneer in championing the cause of Indian industries in pre-independent days. It has an immaculate record of service to the business community of eastern region in particular and India in general spanning over more than a century. BNCCI actively plays a leading role in policy debates that are the forefront of social, economic and development of industry, trade & commerce. Over the years, the Chamber has diversified in activities and grown in strength.

Various new activities, such as promotion of entrepreneurship, organizing trade fairs, integrated development of rural areas, protection of environment, growth of industrial infrastructure, promoting international business relations, & promotion of indigenous enterprise. The ladies wing of BNCCI "Pragati" actively plays a pivotal role in welfare of the downtrodden women of the society. The Chamber has set up Enterprise Development Institute (EDI) for promoting entrepreneurship & career development and also a Sub Contracting Exchange for marketing assistance to the Micro & Small Enterprises.






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